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China exported to different countries need to pay attention to

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Update time : 2015-04-21 11:19:00

China exported to different countries need to pay attention to

A) to declare AMS countries: Canada, Mexico, USA (which do not need to declare the ISF Americanprovisions must provide hours to America customs, before sailing 48 or USD5000 will be fine, AMS$35 / $40 ticket, if modified / ticket). To declare the ENS countries are all members of the EU, ENScosts $35 per ticket.

B) wooden packaging needs fumigation countries: Australia, the United States, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Israel, Brazil, Chile, Panama.

C) required certificate of origin countries: Kampuchea, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Doha,Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bangladesh, Sri lanka.

D) Indonesia: Ultimate consignee must have the right to import and export customs clearance,otherwise not. Therefore to modify the bill of lading for about a month.

E) Saudi Arabia says that all goods imported into Saudi Arabia, must use the palletizing andpackaging

Need to print and marks of origin. And since February 25, 2009, all the goods at the port ofshipment in violation of the provisions did not use the tray will be fined SAR1000 (US$267) /20 and SAR1500 (US$400) /40. By the guests themselves.

Brazil: F) 1 to accept a full set of bill of lading three copies of original bill of lading must not be modified, showing freight amount (only use the dollar or Euro), do not accept the "TO ORDER" bill of lading bill of lading the consignee to display contact information (phone, address);

2 must show the CNPJ number on the bill of lading (consignee must be registered in the company),the consignee must be in the destination customs have registered company;

3 not to pay, not more money at the port of destination, wood packaging fumigation, so the price is the need to pay more attention to the consolidation.

Mexico: G) 1 to declare the AMS bill of lading, to show the commodity code, and the need to providethe AMS data and the invoice and packing list;

2.Notify display third party notification, the general is a freight forwarding company or agent of CONSIGNEE;

3.SHIPPER showed that the real shipper and consignee showing the real CONSIGNEE;

The 4 item cannot be displayed in general, to show the detailed description of goods;

5: with the number of pieces required to display. Example: 1PALLET has 50 boxes of goods, can not only display 1 PLT, 1 pallet containing 50 cartons must be displayed;

6 bill of lading to show the origin of the goods after shipment bill of lading bill of lading, instead of at least USD200.

Note: H) Chile Chile does not accept the telex release bill of lading, wood packaging fumigation.

I) Panama note: do not accept the telex release bill of lading, wood packaging fumigation, to provide the invoice and packing list;

1, by COLON FREEZONE (ZLC) transfer to Panama (PANAMA) of the goods must be overlappedand stacked to forklift operation, single weight of not more than 2000KGS;

J) Columbia (COLOMBIA) Note: the bill of lading must showing freight amount (only use the dollar or euro).

K) India: warning: both FOB and CIF conditions, regardless of whether the bill of lading "TOORDEROF SHIPPER" (an order bill of lading), regardless of whether the bill of lading in your hand, Indiacan not pay the legal and technical import declaration, in BILL OF ENTRY (Declaration of importmanifest) and IGM (import cargo manifest). As long as India shows the customer's name, you have lost the right goods, regardless of whether the bill of lading in your hand, so be sure to advance as far as possible 100%.

Russia: L) 1 guests have to pay on time, or you are a long-term cooperation, it is recommendedfirst! Or pay in advance 75%.

2, after the arrival of the goods must be two reminder: urge customers to pay, two guest! Otherwise the goods to the port or station, no one to take delivery of the goods by the customs goods to black out, or are you going to pay the high cost at the same time the guests through the relationship can make delivery of goods without B / L, this market is sometimes justified also say not clear!

3, in view of the fact that the Russians dilatory style, remember, whether it's playing prepaid ordelivery, or back to the tail section, will urge.

M) Kenya: Kenya Bureau of standards (KEBS) standards compliance verification plan prior to exportin September 29, 2005 (PVOC). Therefore, from 2005 began to use the PVOC the shipmentverification method.

The PVoC directory products must obtain a certificate of compliance before delivery (CoC), CoCcertification is mandatory in Kenya customs clearance documents, without the certificate, the arrival of the goods at the port of Kenya will be refused entry.

Egypt: 1, N) of the goods exported to Egypt, the commodity inspection bureau to implement pre shipment inspection.

2 whether the statutory requirements of commodity inspection, are required to provide replacementvouchers or slip, official inspection instructions, packing list, invoice, contract.

3 the slip (single) to handle customs clearance Commodity Inspection Bureau (statutory inspectionwork can get ahead of the customs clearance form), and then with the Commodity Inspection Bureau inspection personnel appointment time to the  for loading. (a few days in advance booking required to the local Commodity Inspection Bureau)

4 The Commodity Inspection Bureau staff to the , it will first pictures of empty containers,and then the number of boxes of each shipment of the check, check the packing to take photographs and vote vote, vote, know all

To install, and then to the Commodity Inspection Bureau for customs clearance form, and then we can arrange customs clearance.

About 5 days after the 5 customs clearance, commodity inspection bureau to receive port of destination customs clearance before shipment inspection certificate, foreign customers with this certificate before they can handle customs clearance at the port of destination.

6, all goods exported to Egypt, the corresponding documents (certificate and invoice) must go to.