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India is an important industrial and potential business opportunities

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Update time : 2015-04-21 16:34:06

The next few years, the India government will invest hundreds of millions of funds for infrastructureconstruction, will provide many opportunities for the development of enterprises in India Chinese.India industry association data show, in 121 in the manufacturing industry, the 41 industry growth is expected to reach 20%, especially air conditioning, tractors, fertilizers, construction  and tire industry. The government of India to implement free examination and approval procedures forits engineering industry foreign investment, tax incentives for imported . In 2010, Indiaautomobile industry $48000000000, by 2016, India is expected to become the world's seventh largest automobile producer. India pharmaceutical industrial output is now third in the world,according to the McKinsey Co, titled "India medicine 2020: to promote the development of its potential value" report, by 2020, the scale of the industry of India pharmaceutical is expected from the current $24000000000 to $55000000000. India to implement a preferential policy in the solar energy component industry, the implementation of zero tariff imports and zero consumption taxes on foreign capital  and raw materials. The accounting firm Ernst & Young's data show, in 2011, the growth rate of investment in India in the field of renewable energy in foreign 105%. Indiaroad and highway construction of rapid development, the development of the real estate industrymore foreign provides huge investment opportunities. PWC accounting firm to report "new trend"2011 Asia Pacific Real Estate said, 2011, in India, Mumbai and New Delhi to invest in real estate is a good choice. The comparative advantage in the international market of China and India has a very strong complementarity between China and India, and the same as the fastest-growing big economyand energy demand for large, dependence on overseas oil and gas resources is relatively large.With the deepening of the strategic cooperation between the two countries, China India strategiccooperation in the energy field is also gradually increasing.

The whole industry to accelerate the development of India, to further promote the cotton textile,sugar, oil and smoke system and traditional industrial advantage constantly keep in chemical,energy, machinery and electronics industries. In recent years, India automobile and motorcycleindustry, the rapid expansion of the scale, stimulating the domestic automobile and motorcycleparts, machine and electronic industry consumer demand; China and India has great homogeneity and competition in the low-end traditional chemical trade, India's chemical products trade has been in deficit, easily lead to trade friction; power supply in India the basic with the economic development, large-scale blackout has become the norm, domestic manufacturers of power  is difficult to meet the growing market demand, power generation  market has great potential. However, the government of India to  the trade deficit with China, is planningto the power  from the Chinese large tariffs. This should cause our attention. In short,whether it is the traditional industry of India, and emerging industries, to China enterprises there is a huge market space.

1 cars, motorcycles and parts

India is one of the global car sales growth the fastest, but also one of the global car production country. According to statistics, the annual 2010/2011, India automobile production of nearly 3000000 vehicles, motorcycle production reached 133760000 units, year-on-year growth of 27% are realized.

In recent years, India has relatively low labor cost (lower than 10% ~ American 20%, 50% lower than in Europe), as well as the national language, has the ability and professional and technicaladvantages, attracting international automobile manufacturers to purchase India auto parts. India auto parts industry in Europe is the first largest exporter, exports to the EU accounted for theproportion of exports of 30%; the second largest export region is Asia, accounted for 20%; North America as its third largest export area, accounting for 10%.

India is committed to become the world's automobile and parts manufacturing center. It is expected that in 2016, India automobile and parts industry output value will achieve GDP accounted for 10% of the target, and will create 25000000 jobs in china. India auto parts manufacturers association is expected, by 2015, India automobile and auto parts market related auto parts of the potentialtransaction volume will reach 40000000000 to 45000000000 U.S. dollars, which makes Indiabecome an important global auto parts market.

India automobile and parts industry mainly concentrated in the following areas: the northern part of Gurgaon, west of Pune, Calcutta in the South Eastern and central Chennai, indore. There are about 1/3 of the motor vehicle and parts production enterprises located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and surrounding area. In addition to South Korea's  Motor (in southern India's Chennai plant,the scale of investment of up to $522000000), Japan, Germany, USA Ford Mitsubishi BMW, Nissan and  and other international large automobile and parts manufacturers have production base in Chennai and its surrounding area. Chennai but also because of the vigorous development of the automotive industry, and presence of major car companies and manufacturers supporting the formation of industry cluster, automobile, motorcycle spare parts and complete supply chain. In addition, close to the Mumbai Pune has become India cars, motorcycles and spare parts production base, the major car companies -- India Bajaj Auto Ltd, India's Tata Motors, the  Corporation, Mercedes Daimler Benz auto companies are located here. There is a car manufacturerMaruti Suzuki in Gurgaon area, and the world's largest motorcycle manufacturers hero - the Honda.

India is about 3/4 of the auto parts market share control by several companies, and thesecompanies are mostly made in manufacturing technology of large international companies. Indiaautomobile spare parts manufacturing