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The present situation and development trend of OTT TV

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Update time : 2015-04-21 16:34:18

DVD has become the past, Blu ray is also soon to be PK off, IPTV is also facing a severe test, the impact of all this stems from OTT.

0TT has become the hottest words from last year, the fusion of DVB and OTT, OTT will replace theIPTV sound can be heard without end. In fact, until now, OTTTV industry chain has been formed gradually. On the content side, we have the Internet content service license broadcast by radio and television agencies and control, broadcast platform for integrated business license by the agency responsible for, and the input terminal of smart TV and smart TV set-top boxes and even readgradually mature, they must cooperate with the integration of business licenses, and only in abusiness license taking.

From the architectural point of view, "controllable" is the keyword.

Up to now, hold Internet TV integrated business license of the enterprise (a total of CNTV Chinesenetwork television), blockbuster, China media, Hunan broadcasting and TV station, southern media,China international broadcasting station, the Central People's Broadcasting Station seven. A total of nine content service license: CNTV, blockbuster, southern media, China media, Hunan broadcasting and TV station, Chinese international broadcasting station, the Central People's broadcasting station, Jiangsu radio and television, movie network.

The license holder is a local radio and television cooperation and enhance the content of local services, the two is with the TV, set-top box manufacturers cooperation, the layout of the terminal market, so as to form the whole industry chain operations. But for our users, the most ive isthrough the use of smart TV smart TV box or feel the Internet TV services and experiences.

What enterprises in the mining of OTT market?

In the face of a market OTTTV so much, in the end what enterprises in the mining of this business?

1, IT giant

For the IT giant, representative is AppleTV and GoogleTV in the domestic and international,Lenovo, millet, RAPOO etc.. They will be the apple iTunes video and music resources, Google search, there are gestures / voice control, combined with the tv. Lenovo chairman Yang Yuanqingpreviously said, smart TV is actually the extension of PC, is simply a larger screen size of the computer, it contains the traditional TV function.

However, from the current point of view, this road IT giants to go is not easy.

2, the traditional color TV enterprises

The traditional TV companies to do the smart TV smart TV box or should they promote a matter within one's duties, their biggest. And in the early stages of development, TCL, Hisense,Changhong three companies jointly launched the Chinese intelligent multimedia terminal technology alliance (STV), unified standards related to the app store and SDK development kit.

3, the Internet Video Site

From the beginning of the past two years, the Internet video sites and content providers are also involved in the core competition of smart TV, for example, music as a super TV, Internet TV, iqiyiPPTV set-top box and so on.

In 2012 January, PPTV and the number of China group reached a cooperation, with the latter's license, PPTV obtained a legal status in the development of Internet TV business. Subsequently,LETV announced with CNTV "hand in hand" into the Internet TV set-top box market. In 2012 July,iqiyi and CNR, Jiangsu TV co founded the Internet TV operators joint venture company, low-key to enter the field of Internet tv. They are with the broadcast control platform has a license revenue sharing.

4, the Internet TV license parties

In the face of the huge market of OTTTV, radio and television licenses have also begun to explorethe Internet TV industry's business model, and introduced its own or co branded smart set-top boxes and so on, such as Chinese television network easy to spot, blockbuster's A30 and the "red"China rainbow, BOX etc..

5, Blu ray high-definition player / Enterprise

With the development of the Internet, enterprises and had made the Blu ray high-definition player of enterprises have to transition to a "TV box". For example, China recorded the latest launch of ablue light end products, based on the original function increase to the storage and network functionsupport, also provides DLNA and Airplay support functions, can provide multi screen sharing and multi screen interactive function, and through the CNTV Internet TV terminal to watch the video.

Whether it is more than the forces, they all have a common goal, is to subvert the traditionaltelevision, the ecological chain through the opening to change the set. For example, fully support the Internet browsing, millions of TV channel search, social networking websites, interactive advertising, application store downloads and other elements.

At this stage OTTTV which is facing the problem?

In fact, the combination of the Internet and television in the early twenty-first Century appeared. For example, in 1999, Microsoft was pushing the "Venus plan", trying to Chinese huge TV resourcesintegration with the Internet, but that using the built-in system of set top box solution eventuallyended in failure. Then the OTTTV at the present stage, which is facing the problem?

1, the network environment

In the face of the new OTT ecosystem, it is inextricably linked with the Internet, has certain requirements on the basis of bandwidth. From the current point of view, online watch ordinary TV programs about the bandwidth of 2M, and online watch high-definition video content, you need to4M and higher bandwidth.

From the current point of view, the development of Beijing city and other large bandwidth is very rapid, in 2013, 4M has almost become a basic bandwidth, maximum bandwidth has reached 100M,fully meet the needs of OTT network.

2, user location

In simple terms for OTT interested can belong to more senior Internet users, of course, another isnon Senior Network